P.A.V.E. Canada Biography

Douglas Annan is the owner of DC&A Auto Appraisal that is located in Ajax, Ontario. DC&A specializes in Antique, Classic, and Custom automobile evaluations. He has extensive experience with all types of vehicles whether your car is a brass era, antique, classic, 50’s collectible, high performance muscle car, exotic, custom street rod, custom truck, prototype, replica, or late model involved in a total loss or diminished value claim. Douglas has been in the car business since 1988 and affiliated with CityTV AutoShop program since 2005. DC&A has worked closely with insurance industry leaders over the last decade to create an appraisal standards template that has been adopted in Ontario. Considered to be one of Canada’s top Mopar aficionados his expertise also includes his passion for vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles. When he is not spending time with his family he can be found at one of the many car/ motorcycle shows throughout the Durham Region and the G.T.A.

P.A.V.E. (Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators) of Canada
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P.A.V.E. Numeric Condition Guide

The Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluatos Inc. (P.A.V.E.) has developed the following Numeric Condition Guide Codes, and is authorized solely for the use of its licensed members.

#1 (+/-) = Excellent
A vehicle that is perfect, or very close to perfect. Vehicle may be original, restored, custom built, or a combination of these. All components and workmanship must be of the highest quality. All components must operate properly. Vehicles in this very limited classification would be “trailered”, and not “driven” when being moved.

#2 (+/-) = Very Good
An extremely presentable, well-operating vehicle, which upon very close inspection shows only the most minimal aging, wear, or damage. Vehicles in this classification would be “ brand new”, “seldom driver”, or “trailered”.

#3 (+/-) = Good
A presentable vehicle showing evidence of less than high-quality workmanship, general wear and/ or use. Still shows a generally attractive body finish, which may reveal minor fading, checking, or other imperfections visible upon close inspection. Vehicle still runs and drives well, but may require minor mechanical refurbishing work.

#4 (+/-) = Fair
An operable vehicle that clearly requires cosmetic and mechanical attention. Body and non-structural undercarriage components may reveal only minimal rust and/ or evidence of prior repair, but overall the vehicle appears to be restorable.

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